Ways to partner

Adopt a child.

A gift of $65 a month helps you positively influence a needy child. Your contribution helps to provide more than food, shelter, health insurance, and an English-medium education which these children desperately need. It places them in a loving spiritual environment enabling them to develop skills and further their dreams upon which the future of our world depends on.

Support a mother

A gift of US $100 a month can support a mother as she raises her young family. This will help provide food, accommodation, health insurance and other basic needs of the mother.

Adopt a family.

A sacrificial gift of US $750 per month will enable you adopt and care for a family unit of about 10 children and a mother/couple.

House plus

Additional gifts of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or more will support the infrastructure which sustains the community like clean water, power, furniture and other household needs. You may also build a home and dedicate it to the children.

100 Ministry Partners.

We are looking for hundred ministry partners who will sow a seed of $20 or more per month. Take a moment and consider if you want to be one of the hundred. With your help we can continue to make an ocean of difference.

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